8 thoughts on “Project 1

  1. Hi Laura, my comment is based on Question #1 – Space – How is space used in the composition? (Filling the space: concept of Positive/Negative explored. What techniques may have been used to create the illusion of space? How were elements of space used to optimum effect in the composition? If space was not effective give reasons.
    I think you made good use of the space in your composition. The image is filled with content and being that the smaller elements have more detail, I like that the “background” landscape is more simplified. There was not a large play on positive or negative space. The crossing sign is so large and predominantly placed it looks more like the positive space rather than the negative, but because it is only the shape with no detail it gives focus to the other elelments farther back. The composition could have had a very flat feel because the images used were illustrations, rather than photographs, but because you added the shaddow to the house, obsured some of the balloon with the crossing sign, and the helicopter with the railroad frame it puts the images in different layers, giving the illusion of space. The elements of space were used optimally in this composition by making the larger items lower to seem closer to the viewer and the smaller objects higher so they appear farther away. Overall, I think you clearly covered the topics of space in your project. Julie Espinosa

  2. Hi Laura,

    I have question 4, for your project:

    Question 4 – Personal Perspective – Concept How effectively was the concept of “transportation” explored? Do you think that this student successfully communicated transportation as the main idea of the composition; if not what do you think the main concept is?

    At first, when looking at your picture I did not see the concept effectively communicated. I believe that my initial thoughts were because the actual modes of transportation were so small, in comparison to the rest of the composition. When I looked at it I thought, the picture was more about the train station, the railroad crossing sign and railroad track border. But, when I thought about it again and what each of those parts of the picture conveyed, it was trains. So, I do believe your main concept of the composition is transportation, maybe not the different modes (more than one) of transportation, but definitely one mode in particular – trains.

    Jacquelyn Howell

    • Hi, Jacquelyn, I’m glad you were able to discern transportation from my composition. I’m very new at this, and I appreciate the kind feedback.
      Good luck! – Laura

  3. Hi laura,
    I have question 2 for your project.

    Question 2 – Line- How is line used in the composition? Define, contour, types of line, emotion or texture effectively used (describe where and how within the composition). How were elements of line used to optimum effect in composition? If line was not effective give reasons.

    Great job! The use of line is apparent throughout this composition very well. The train track compose of slightly jagged line is used as an effective border around the composition. The use of line helps to define the shadow of the train station and outline both positive and negative shapes in the image. I felt as though line was used very effectively. Awesome!

    John Dear

  4. HI Laura, I’m join to be comment of question 4.
    As a designer when a client requests a business card or some advertising collateral material, I do a composition trying to sell the product or the idea with out Text.
    If I can deduce the main idea quickly, my design is in the right track. In your composition is taking me a little time to generate a main concept behind it.
    Even though the main objects in the picture are transportation icons, is difficult to establish the relation between them, or them with the environment.
    I believe some information is missing from the composition, like, in what time is located, in the past, present or future, or maybe a combination. Also what kind of feeling I got from it, did I feel angry or concern after I see it .
    I don’t think “transportation” is the main idea, to me, the main idea will be “traveling”, is like the composition is selling me de ideal of going to visit The Great Canon and the different ways to appreciate it.
    German Santana

    • Hi, German,
      This class is my first time attempting to be creative with media, so your thoughts are important to me. Thank you for your feedback.
      Best Regards,

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