Coffee-flavored coffee

Coffee Horoscope

Coffee Horoscope

A comedian once recounted his quest for a cup of coffee. He pulled into the local 7-Eleven expecting a quick trip. He found latte, cappuccino, espresso, etc., everything it seemed except – just coffee. While I do enjoy a mocha every now and then, I could appreciate the comedian’s consternation. And yet, the Folgers commercial where the young soldier announces his homecoming by starting the pot of coffee while everyone is still asleep makes me feel sentimental, as it is meant to. There is something about gathering around a pot of coffee, the aroma, the warm cup. Those few moments at home before the day is officially started, in the break room at work, or after a meal in a restaurant, when people enjoy a  cup of coffee together. That is why I think coffee is one of the friendliest smells, even simply coffee-flavored coffee.


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