Mentality Nail Polish – Featuring the Pink Matte Collection

Thank you, Cosmetic Sanctuary, for the awesome swatch of the Pink Matte Collection by Mentality Nail Polish. Read her review here:


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Mentality Nail Polish – Featuring Prim


Swatch courtesy of Ermahgerd Perlish (fb). Mentality Prim stamped over Milani Creamy Pistachio. She says, “Reminds me of mint chocolate ice cream!” I have shared Ermahgerd Perlish and her talent for nail art before. I think it is fun to note that Mentality Nail Polish is compatible with other brands for stamping, etc.

Prim is a dark espresso holographic nail polish with a slight metallic finish:

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Mentality Nail Polish – Featuring Sarah & Rogue


This swatch is courtesy of Aasta Michelle Bowley (fb). Featured are Sarah and Rogue by Mentality Nail Polish. Sarah is a pastel fawn matte nail polish. Rogue is a medium purple matte with a very subtle shimmer. I just love what can be done by stamping, and this is so feminine and elegant. A topcoat adds shine if you prefer a glossy finish.

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Mentality Nail Polish – for men and women

I have said before, a Mentality polish never does just one thing. Today I offer a blog by my son-in-law for a little more information about the imagination behind the brand:

(Please note that the hand model featured in the swatches in the link is in fact, my son-in-law).

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Mentality Nail Polish – Featuring Overcast

Another awesome stamping swatch by my daughter featuring Overcast from the Grayscale collection. Gold Flakie topcoat provides the shine, and Happiness from the Wedding whites collection stamped overall provides a multi-level mani.

Here are some additional swatches from the Grayscale collection:
954642_206352879488328_2098926775_n1002996_206398186150464_986840463_n1005302_206352942821655_699208612_n73310_206352956154987_349365102_nCloudy, a medium dark gray matte nail polish with gold accent flecks.
Cyclone, a medium red toned gray matte nail polish with red accent flecks.
Storm, a light gray matte nail polish with red accent flecks.
Sunny, a white matte nail polish with gold accent flecks.

Matte finish achieved in two coats. Use a topcoat to achieve a glossy finish.

Mentality Nail Polish is approaching their one-year anniversary. The concept was first presented to me using the refrigerator and magnets. To borrow from the old Virginia Slims slogan: “You’ve come a long way, baby”.

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