Mentality Nail Polish – Wedding Whites

Mentality WhitesThe new cover photo from Mentality Nail Polish on Facebook @ Colors are described as follows:

“Three whites to accent the bonding of two persons’ love in matrimony. Joy is a white-white. Happiness is an ivory-white. Celebration is a champagne-white. Each dry to a glossy finish and feature loads of shimmer with a slight pearl finish.”
If you prefer a matte finish, try Sunny from the Grayscale collection 🙂

A Mentality polish never does just one thing. I cannot wait to see the Wedding Whites swatches and will be sure to share them here when they are available for viewing.

In the meantime, feel free to explore other amazing colors, glitters, holographic, matte, etc. options @

A 20% discount is currently in effect for domestic orders: Use code FACTORY. Also a 15% discount in available for international orders: Use Code WORLD. See the store for more details.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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