Mentality Nail Polish – Not For Sale


Mentality Nail Polish is a family-owned and operated indie store. My daughter is the hand model featured in the swatch. She is also the business and accounting manager, and procurement officer. Her husband is the cosmetic chemist. He manages production and inventory. His is the vision behind the colors and characteristics of the polishes – even the name of the store: Mentality – a state of mind. Each polish has been named in the spirit of describing a mood or attitude, except the pastel matte collection which was named after women in the family (including me, Laura).

They have diligently sought to keep Mentality as “green” as possible by such means as recycling cardboard into shipping cartons and reusing bubble wrap. They have even taken daily shipments to the post office by bicycle rather than by car. And now they have taken Reduce Recycle Reuse to a new definition (in my mind) by creating a polish they have named Not For Sale.

The swatch featured today is from Mentality Nail Polish (fb): “This polish is Not For Sale. It is a purplish grey-toned holographic nail polish with flecks, shimmers, matte glitter, and shiny glitter. It is not for sale. It is in fact the collection of all of our testers over the last year of production. We work hard to minimize waste and this is the result of our efforts.”

Not For Sale is indeed, not for sale. Mentality says, “It can only be given to you. If you spend more than $30 in either of our stores, we will happily gift you a bottle. No code is necessary. We’ll keep track of the process of gifting the bottles separately and include it in your order.”

View the entire Mentality line @

Microglitter, topcoats, holographic collections also available. Shipping is always free within the U.S.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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