Mentality Nail Polish – Featuring Hard Candy

Hard Candy

Back with another awesome swatch courtesy of Ermahgerd Perlish (fb). She says, “Today is my sons 8th birthday, so I wanted to do something fun with my nails! Here I just did a plastic baggy marble using Mentality Candy Jelly Holos (Bon Bon, Marmalade, Taffy, Sourball, Gumdrop & Hard Candy). Now to decide if I want to stamp some cute birthday designs over it!

I think it is fun to note that many Mentality Nail Polish colors are good for nail art. Maybe add some sprinkles? Or not. Very pretty as it is.

available @
Sally Magpies in the UK
Edgy Polish of Sweden
Harlow & Co. of Canada

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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