Mentality Nail Polish – Featuring “The Reds”

Mentality Reds

A special “repost” from my daughter’s fb today:
It’s time for a red showdown! One of our dear fans requested this comparison, and I thought others might be interested, too. There are no dupes here, folks. Stunning is a medium dark red matte, Sally is a bright red to orange duochrome gloss, Katarina is Sally’s holographic sister (same red to orange duochrome, but holo), and Sexy is a pink leaning red holographic that dries to a semi gloss finish. No doubt, a bunch of fabulous reds.”

I wore Sally recently, and a blue called Nina, too. First I did four nails with Nina and an accent nail on each hand with Sally. I liked Sally so much when I redid my nails, it was exclusively Sally. Sally and Nina also remind me of bright, traditional jelly bean colors. Now I’m wearing a neutral called Scone with a rose stamped with Sally on an accent finger. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the combinations even though I have worn Scone the longest.

Check out these colors and so much more available @
Sally Magpies in the UK
Edgy Polish of Sweden
Harlow & Co. of Canada

Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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