Mentality Nail Polish – Specialty TopCoats

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It has been awhile since I have been on wordpress – only (and best) excuse is that I am taking a couple of classes this semester toward a bachelor’s degree. However. These colors just made me want to drop everything and share share share. I wore Yen over Biscotti recently, and the combination was amazing. I love Mentality polish for the simple reason it never looks the same twice – indoors, outdoors, even from when I put it on an hour ago, or the next day. I hope you will check out these new topcoats.

Thank you for looking.

Wheel #1 shows the top coat over a similar color Wheel # 2 features each top coat over Mentality Joy, white. Wheel # 3 features each top coat over Mentality Scoundrel, black.

Available in the U.S. on Big Cartel @
Also Edgy Polish, Sweden @
Sally Magpies, UK @
Harlow & Co., Canada @


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