Mentality Shadow & Estée Lauder 69 Frozen Fantasy

talkerblogger shares her thoughts on Mentality Nail Polish.


Hello dear ones !!

It’s been a sunless, cloudy, gloomy day and I am most disappointed for I really wanted to share some pretties!!
But since the impatient me couldn’t wait, I went ahead and sat by the front house window and voila !! (So glad I did)

This is Mentality Shadow.The most apt description is from the maker..

Shadow is a blackened rose metallic creme nail polish.

I had never heard about this brand before but they have an ongoing promotion on Facebook and twitter till 4/20/2014 for a daily free holo polish giveaway.. And I was interested!

The particular color is from their Metallic Cream Collection and retails at $6.50 USD. The first impression is that the smell is a bit “nail polish(y)” , I don’t mind but I know few people are quite particular about it. The formula was a little thin but surprisingly easy to…

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