Dancing in the Moonlight

Dancing in the Moonlight - RavensI loved watching the supermoons rise, and took pictures that did not match the memory. I would see photos that others took, fabulous round, glowing orbs with the face clearly shining. Mines just looked like white dots in the sky. I realized that the others had equipment that I have not yet learned how to use. On the other hand, I am learning about the effects that Photoshop has to offer. This is my attempt at illustrating the full moon making its presence known on a cloudy night. It is a combination of three photos, one of a full supermoon on a clear night, one of a cloudy sky over the mountains in the afternoon, and one of the dancing ravens. Shine on. Dance on.


Expect the Unexpected


White Rock Lake in Dallas Texas is a wonderful, scenic place to do, well, just about anything. Biking, hiking, skating, sailing… Boat races. The background in this design is from a photograph of a morning spent at White Rock Lake. I like to try to keep a positive outlook and look for the best in situations, so I really like the “expect the unexpected” idea that maybe the unexpected will actually delight you. Even though it may seem as rare as a pearl, always be on the lookout for the good around you, because it may turn up in unexpected places.

My Peace I give Unto You

My PeaceThis was done in celebration of Easter a couple of years ago. I don’t remember what the background was before I applied the stained glass effect to it. Stained glass windows are enchanting to me, and I think I must have simply wanted to find a way to use that effect. What better way than with a dove, a symbol of peace? The verse followed naturally to create a message of hope and peace.

Growth is not by chance

Growth is Never by Chance
The morning sun lit up the colors in this garden. I love the little one on the right, shaped like a rose. And I like the yellows and oranges shining among the greens in the one on the left. I went looking for a quote about growth to go with the picture, and found this one by James Cash Penney, that growth is the result of forces working together. It took sunlight, and moisture, and the caring hand of a gardener to produce this lovely little garden. And so we can grow by caring and learning and nurturing each other. Keep moving forward.