SparrowOne day, my sister and I went to a drive-in for lunch. While we sat in her SUV munching our burgers, this bold little bird landed on her sideview mirror. Skittish he was not, and he stubbornly sat there waiting for us to drop crumbs so he could lunch, too.
I love birds but I don’t know them except robins and ravens and pigeons. And sea gulls. I lived near the Bay growing up. I still love to watch sea gulls in flight. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if this a sparrow or not, though, the message is the same. It comes from an old hymn that begins, “Why should I be discouraged?” and ends with “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me.” Comforting words.
I put this together as a memento of the day I sat with my sister and a bird landed on her mirror.

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