Baby Steps

Baby Steps
The photograph is in fact of a little owl learning to fly. But for all the world, it reminded me of the movie, Baby Steps, with Bill Murray. “Baby steps to the elevator… baby steps to the door… baby steps to the parking lot…” You get the idea.
Today, I put the skates on again. It’s been over a week since I fell in the gravel pit. My shins and my elbow were a little scraped up and bruised. But those have faded now, as has the memory and so there I went. Put the skates on while sitting on the front steps. Even managed to stand up. And then I just stood there. Trying to remember what the coach had said. Coach was inside, cooking dinner. Okay. Bend the knees. Feel the heels, not the toes. Make a T to stand still. I was fixated on the slight slope that led into the street. Could I control my speed? I can barely stand up. Baby steps down the walk, gripping the storm gutter. Are there cars coming? Baby steps back to the porch. Baby steps down the walk, gripping the storm gutter. I really want to learn how to do this.
I don’t remember how, but I navigated the slope into the street, and then I was doing laps. I even cracked a smile a couple of times.
Lesson learned today for me: Once you have the skates on, you gotta keep moving forward.
And, baby steps count.


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