Rainy Day Songs

Rainy Day Songs

I decided to review my design textbook and randomly chose the chapter on values. There are exercises at the end of the chapters, so I chose one about depicting a mood using values. I was experimenting with the umbrella shape recently, so it was natural to continue with that idea. This was done with a series of layers, and artistic, color, and lighting effects. The text is from a tune by Neil Diamond, aptly titled Rainy Day Songs.
The West coast is in the midst of a heat wave. Perhaps this will help us to think cooler thoughts, especially those of us in the desert mountains.

“And I keep hearing rainy day songs
Tapping on my window sill
Some that soon won’t be forgotten
Some that probably never will
Say, I know you never did believe in rainbows
But hey, you know the sun is somehow gonna shine
And babe, we only have to look and we can find it
If we want to, if we need to…”
– Rainy Day Songs, Neil Diamond.


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