Full Moon October 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the moon rise over Mount San Jacinto this week. It was our Harvest Moon this year, due to the October full moon being closer to fall equinox than the September full moon. First I saw the sky over the mountain become slighter lighter. That’s where I focused my attention. Presently came the first bright bead of light from the edge of the moon. Then it rose to display its glorious beauty over the dark mountaintop. How I love the view from my front porch.
When I was done presenting the moonrise, I imagined my blue angel face on the bright moon. And so here she is, bringing us moonlight.


Magical Moonlight

Moonlight is Magic

I stepped outside one evening to find the moon playing hide and seek among the clouds. Its glow lit up the edges of the gaps and cast multi-colored lights in a halo. I gazed long enough, I hoped, to implant that image in my brain to recall at later moments.
Back at my Photoshop, I retrieved an image of the full moon and a cloudy sky, hoping to marry them into some semblance of my memory. I was using a Distort filter to make the gap in the clouds more natural when I was called away from my work. Upon my return, I was surprised to see the profile that was now present in my design. I turned the different layers off and on, seeking the source of the profile. Finally I realized it was no one layer that bore the profile, but the combination that created it. By now, the original purpose of creating this design had given way to the enchanting notion of this mystical creature with the golden crown dancing among the clouds in the moonlight. At that moment, the only thing left to do was to cast a rainbow upon it, amidst the starlight that now resembled falling snow.
Please share with me the magic that is moonlight.